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The Sportsmen's Empire is home to the outdoor industry's first and largest podcast network. From hunting strategy and habitat management to gear reviews and DIY insight, Sportsmen's Empire covers it all.

Sportsmen's Empire

Project Summary

Dan Johnson, a whitetail enthusiast and host of the popular Nine Finger Chronicles podcast, had an idea. What about creating an online destination focused on bringing together podcasters that are targeting die-hard sportsman? While the business concept was in the early stages, Dan contracted Onboard Creative to flesh out his ideas online.


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Podcasting for Those that Love Hunting, Fishing, and Conservation

From the start, it was clear that Dan wanted Sportsmen's Nation to be different than the typical big-media site using content mainly to sell ads. He wanted a website catered to the visitor instead of the advertiser. Additionally, he desired to help podcasters get in front of a targeted group of men and women craving hunting, fishing, and conservative content.

Built for Growth

With only a few podcasters initially onboard, we set out to design a user and mobile-friendly site that would allow Sportsmen's Empire the ability to grow. And grow it did. Initially, the website launched with three podcasters. Now the site holds over 20 podcasters with multiple podcasts added daily. With more and more people coming to the site, Sportsmen's Nation has also added video and blog content.

Podcasting page for Sportsmen's Nation
View of an individual podcast page and various podcasters within the network.

Webflow to the Rescue

It was paramount that Sportsmen's Empire could control all content, from adding podcasters and their podcasts, profiles, and supporting content. To do this, we used Webflow, a leading content management system that allowed us to customize the forms to the content. Unlike WordPress where you use one form no matter what content you are adding, Onboard Creative was able to customize the form for podcaster profiles, individual podcasts, blog posts, video items, and more.

Craft CMS administration pages
Craft CMS provides custom forms centered around what content you are publishing.

Web Services Provided

Requirements development, research and competitive audit, information architecture, user interface design, CSS/XHTML template development, Webflow integration, and web hosting.

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Sportsmen's Empire


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