Fading West

Buena Vista, CO

Fading West, a Colorado startup, develops attainable, high-quality, architecturally-interesting, fee-simple homes for Rocky Mountain towns' essential workforces.

Fading West

Project Summary

Fading West set out to solve a significant housing problem in Chafee County. Owning a home in Buena Vista was expensive. So expensive, most of the area's employees lived in towns over 45 minutes away. Fading West developed a solution to put home ownership within reach.

The Farm at Buena Vista is an innovative, turnkey development, which has lowered the cost of new homes and cut the design/build process time by almost six months. Onboard Creative was engaged to develop a website for The Farm. The resulting site gives homebuyers the ability to easily customize and price out homes, thereby avoiding the administrative burden and additional staff which would otherwise be needed during the construction phase.

The Farm at Buena Vista home page
View of home page and digital floor plans designed by Onboard Creative

What Makes this Website Successful?

A typical challenge many startups face is the prospect of starting from scratch. Onboard Creative worked closely with the Fading West team to dive deep into their goals and identify the markers which would yield a successful and effective website. Chief among them was the need for interested homebuyers to easily understand the new offering and quickly move through their home's customization process online.

Beautiful exterior renderings of the models from award-winning landscape architect Brian Burke of B. Burke Associates were used and  we built the site specifically to educate, direct, and onboard buyers. The home page immediately showcased the home renderings and directed visitors into learning more about them.

Custom Floor Plans and Interior Renderings

Since Fading West hadn't yet built the homes, Onboard Creative created detailed, to-scale, finished floor plans, as well as screenshots of furnished interiors. This enabled visitors to better envision the homes, all the way down to dimensions, countertops, and furniture. The customized floor plans and interior views we worked into the site became a massive selling point to homebuyers.

Custom floor plan perspectives
A sample of to scale furnished interior drawings created by Onboard Creative

Interactive Property Lot Map

To help alleviate pre-sale administration, Onboard Creative developed a detailed, interactive map of the property which allowed visitors to zoom in on and select individual lots, customize and price out their home, and then email the results in a neat and organized printable.

Interactive map of the Farm at Buena Vista
Visitors can select a lot and customize a home using this interactive map of the property

Selecting a Lot, Customizing and Pricing Homes

After selecting the desired lot and model, visitors could customize kitchen packages, cabinet options, countertops, bathroom features, interior finishes, flooring, porches, paint colors, insulation, water heaters, and garage options—all of this without visiting a showroom.

Screenshots on pricing out home
Homebuyers can select and price-out options for their home

An Enormous Success

To date, 100% of the lots have sold. The onboarding process of allowing potential homebuyers the ability to customize their home has over 3,000 entries! To put this in perspective, the entire town of Buena Vista has under 3,000 residents.

Scope of Work

Onboard Creative provided the following services: Requirement development, research and competitive audit, information architecture, user interface design, custom floor plans, interior furnished drawings, custom interactive property map, CSS/XHTML template development, content management integration, and web hosting.

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